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We All have Friends Like This!

We All have Friends Like This!


So I try and add some code to my Tumblr and now nothing is working.

Not even sure if this post will show up or not.


So you want to be a Social Marketing Guru Huh?

Here’s a great infographic explaining what it takes to be a Social Strategist from

Learn how to fix your Facebook News Feed back to the way it was with 3 simple steps.

Facebook character count update

It appears the character limit on Facebook status updates may have increased as well with the News Feed changes. I’ve seen updates with over 2,198 characters (with spaces) recently.

So AnythingButCoffee was already taken…

As a social media junkie, I should have known better to wait so long to grab a Tumblr account. I kept putting it off thinking no one will take my website and use it as a name but I guess I was wrong.

So here I am with a second, and not as good as a name Anything But Coffee Plus… Tumblr account.

Oh well, I guess that’s what I get for dragging ass on this.

Let the fun times begin.